CS457 - System Performance Evaluation - Winter 2010

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  1. Mid-term conflicts
  2. Assignment 1. There are three general problems in this assignment:
  3. Assignment 1 office hours
  4. Assignment 2.

Lecture 15 - Abstracting Systems for Simulation

Experimental Design

Design for analysis


What is it?


These models have in common the need to simplify either


Based on a model, which is an abstraction of the system.

Model taxonomy

Common Model Contrasts
Continuous Discrete
Determinism Fully deterministic Details modelled probabilistically
e.g. know that processing is
x% complete
Discrete: change system state
only when things start of end
Time Make time steps
as small as possible.
Time moves forward discontinuously,
from event to event

Model development

  1. You did this before
  2. Select the type of queueing model
  3. Specify attributes that need algorithms
  4. Specify workload parameters and performance metrics

Example. Routing for automated telephone support

For a more CS-like example see this pdf.

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