CS488 - Spring 2007 - A5 - Objectives

Typical Objectives from Past Terms for OpenGL projects

These are objectives from projects doing games and/or animations. a. to e. indicate different projects. Objectives under the same number would be mutually exclusive. These objectives are telegraphic and incomplete. Every one needs an explanation of how it enhances your project.

  1. a. Cloth model using masses and springs.
  2. a. Effects of wind on the cloth model.
  3. a. Add texture to the cloth.
    b. Texture mapping onto the map.
    c. Texture mapping for stones and rink
    d. Texture mapping onto robots
    e. Texture mapping onto airplanes
  4. a. Make cloth transparent.
  5. a. Gaussian lighting model to make cloth look smooth.
  6. a. Collision detection of cloth with static objects.
    b. Collision detection in character motions.
    c. Static collision detection
    d. Collision detection with rocks.
    e. Collision detection for airplanes and bullets.
  7. a. Response of cloth to collision with static objects.
  8. a. Collision detection with moving objects.
    b. Collision detection applies to bullets.
  9. a. Response of cloth to collision with moving objects.
  10. a. Smooth animation of cloth in response to wind and collisions.
    b. Chacters are animated
  11. b. Unexplored parts of the map hidden
  12. b. L-system trees.
    c. L-system trees
    d. L-system plants
    e. L-system trees
  13. b. AI for alien characters
    c. AI for computer player
  14. b. Particle systems for bullets
    c. Particle system for falling snow
    d. Particle system for fire or waterfall
    e. Particle system for explosions
  15. b. Shadow volumes
    c. Projective shadows
    d. Correct shadows
  16. b. UI
  17. c. Terrain uses height map
  18. c. Sounds appropriate to events in game.
    d. Ambient sound
    e. Sound in the game
  19. c. Perlin noise in clouds
  20. d. Model loaded and saved
  21. d. Bezier curve terrain
  22. d. Bump mapping on one object.
  23. e. Plane modelling
  24. e. Anti-aliasing
  25. e. Fog effects within clouds

Objectives from Previous Terms for Extended Ray Tracers

The organization of this list is as above. These objectives are, on average, more ambitious than the OpenGL ones above.

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