CS488 - Introduction to Computer Graphics - Lecture 19

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  1. Illumination
  2. Ambient illumination
  3. Notes terminology

Lambertian Surfaces

How much light leaves the surface?

This material is described with diagrams here.

We are only interested in the light leaving the surface in a particular direction. Why?

The light divides into two parts at the surface

The simplest model of body reflectance is Lambert's cosine law. Surfaces with body reflectance following Lambert's cosine law are called Lambertian.

What makes a Lambertian surface Lambertian?

What goes into the eye

Important point

What colour is the light?


Part of the light didn't enter the body of the surface, but was reflected

Suppose the surface is smooth

Suppose we roughen the surface just a little

And if we roughen the surface a lot

Here is the hack

How is the incoming light divided between ambient, surface and body reflection?

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