CS488 - Introduction to Computer Graphics - Lecture 11

Comments and Questions

Local Lighting

Three components:

  1. Eye
  2. Surface(s)
  3. Light source(s)


  1. Sensitive to light per unit area: Talbot's law


  1. General surfaces:
  2. Lambertian surfaces:
  3. Shiny surfaces

Light Sources

Two types

  1. Ambient
  2. Directional


What is needed for colour?

  1. An eye.
  2. A source of illumination.
  3. A surface.

How is colour created?

  1. Source of illumination emits light (photons of differing wavelength).
  2. Surface modifies light.
  3. Eye compares surfaces and notices different modifications.

How do we represent colour?

To the rescue,


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