CS488 - Introduction to Computer Graphics - Lecture 4

Graphics I/O Hardware

Mice & Keyboards (Input)

Types of Input

  1. Request
  2. Sample
  3. Event


  1. Text Input
  2. Pointing Input

Event-based Programming

  1. Event Loop
  2. Callbacks

    Callbacks need formal work. Java is trying hard but needs to step further back from the coal face.


The course notes give you the axioms and theorems. In class, I will concentrate on ideas and algorithms.

Euclid and the Greeks

Of course, it's completely unfair to give the Greeks all the credit.


Points are pairs (triples, etc)

Points morphed into vectors. What is the difference between two points?

Vector Spaces, aka Linear Algebra.

We have some things that look like Descartes' points, though we don't know exactly what they are.

We can tell when they are equal

We can add them together

Where addition is, multiplication cannot be far behind

What are these things? We want the geometrical interpretation.


We call them vectors.



Vectors can be transformed, by multiplying them by matrices

If you are Felix Klein you show that they are a group, and how they separate into subgroups. But even though you are not Felix Klein your response to this formulation is the same.

Affine Spaces

Intuition is that when I add an origin, O, vectors define points.


Package them together (v1, v2, ..., O).

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