cs492 - Spring 2017

Societal Implications with Computer Science

Role Playing Exercises (RPEs)

Each student in the class must complete ONE of the RPEs listed below as part of a two or three person team. There are two teams for each RPE, except for the RPE on 27 June, for which there are three teams. Please give both RPE and team when you send me your selections.

As you create your RPE please remember that the descriptions you find on this web site are intended to be starting points away from which you develop your roles. Please feel free to contact any of the course personnel (me or the TAs) for advice or feedback as you develop your ideas.

In planning your RPE please remember the documentation requirements. Each team must complete a five hundred word document explaining the position of the team with respect to the issue addressed inthe RPE. This document must be the result of research by and discussion among members of the team. (Interaction between the teams is encouraged; the two teams both want the RPE to be stimulating to the audience; springing a clever surprise that leaves the other team speechless lowers the mark of both teams!)

These documents must be made available to the class. Students are expected to read them before coming to the RPE. To make them available they should be e-mailed to me (wmcowan@cgl.uwaterloo.ca) before noon on the day before the RPE. (That is, because most RPEs are on Mondays they should usually be e-mailed to me before noon on Sunday.) I will link them to this page using the name of the team.

To make it easy for group members to contact each other I have listed group members by their e-mail addresses.

This is my, very elementary, scheme to make harvesting the addresses for mailing lists more difficult.

RPE Schedule
Date RPE Team A Team B Team C
23 May Neophiles and Neophobes
q35huang, astu, j457liu
m2hayash, r24lin, vnly@edu
29 May Hard Head versus Soft Heart
Hard Heads
j336liu, wjwillem, s2vij
Soft Hearts
jkw2lo@edu, xj2yu, kevin.cai@edu
5 June Ambition
wgordon, kpalway, flli
apbrioux, w23lam, otsylke
12 June Evolution versus Revolution
jonathan.smith@edu, zkchen@edu, amy.li@edu
jzshen@edu, gssuri, mj5murph
19 June The Social Self and the Sociable Self
Social selves
asfujita, james.cagalawan@edu, tj3rober
Sociable selves
alspeats@edu, jordan.upiter@edu, rdwebber@edu
26 June The Fish and the Fishers
s4weng, jjwiebe, y45xia
j58song, jjslam
x272liu, muribazo, djwierds
10 July Safety versus Freedom
Better Safe than Sorry
gssuri, y43ji, q225zhan
Don't Fight Terror with Terror.
anna.lorimer@edu, seshah, t24pham
17 July War in the Internet
adanciulescu@edu, patrick.guo@edu
r2goswami@edu, jchoek, xycong@edu

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