CS781 - Colour for Computer Graphics


Here is a list of references, intended for students who want to look deeper into some of the topics addressed in the course. These are books and articles that I have enjoyed reading and gotten something out of during my years of investigating colour. Other than this - not very stringent - qualification, inclusion is no warrant of either correctness or relevance. As the list grows -- if the list grows -- I may try to sort it by topic.

  1. Philip Ball. Bright Earth.
  2. Robert Boynton. Human Color Vision.
  3. W. Cowan & Colin Ware. Colour Perception Tutorial Notes. Available in CGL library.
  4. Jules Davidoff. Cognition through Color. MIT Press: Cambridge, 1991.
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  12. David Lee. Nature's Palette.
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  1. Evolution of colour vision


  1. Avian Plumage and Colour Perception
  2. Photoreceptor history
  3. Visual pigments and colour blindness

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