CS781 - Colour for Computer Graphics - Winter 2009

Lecture 19

Decorating with Colour

The Power of Colour

Baby Decoration I

A million books on how to decorate with colour

Excursion: Colour and Mood

Energy Level

Illumination versus Reflection

Baby Decoration II

Use the starting colour as the basis for a colour scheme

A million books with sets of colours that go together

Excursion: Colour Design

Creating sets of colours

Colour mixing models

Baby Decoration III

Large areas of colour

Coloured objects

Case Study: Dynamic Colour Management for Windowing Systems

Windows have many customizable colours

  1. Background
  2. Frames
  3. Menus
  4. Recurse on the applications within frames and add ...

Colour choice has two important aspects

  1. Aesthetic


Contrary to expectations there is minimal interference between aesthetic and functional colour use.

Aesthetic colour use

  1. Avoiding things the user dislikes or finds offensive
  2. Enhancing thigs the user likes
  3. Complementing the user's choices

Function colour use

  1. Building associations
  2. Conveying structural organization
  3. Enhancing comprehension

Implementation framework

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