cs781 - Colour for Computer Graphics - Winter 2012

Course Notes

Lecture 10 - Visual Response to Light I

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  1. Assignment 1
  2. Magnifying glasses
  3. Projects

Retinal Processing

The retina consists of three layers of cells

  1. Photoreceptors
  2. Bipolar & Horizontal
  3. Retinal ganglion

Most of what we know

Generic neuron

Cell body

Where all the work is done.




Retinal neurons


Bipolar cells

Receive input from more than one cell type

Horizontal cells

Ganglion cells

The signals transmitted by ganglion cells is significantly processed


Spatial opponent organization

Colour opponent organization

Psychophysics of Opponent Colours

  1. Reddish-green and yellowish-blue
  2. Unique hues
  3. Flicker photometry
  4. Minimally distinct border
  5. Colour naming
  6. Unusual properties of yellow-blue axis

Neural Theories

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