cs781 - Colour for Computer Graphics - Winter 2012

Course Notes

Lecture 12 - Light in Motion

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Using Colour in the Real World

What does colour tell us?

And it gives us this information at a distance.

Capabilities of perception

What other perceptual attributes are similar

What's important?

We are not very interested in the colour of light

Light moving through space


Light obeys the wave equation: Grad( Div Y ) = (c/n(x))^2 (d / dt )^2 Y

Some things need explaining


If n(x) is not constant, the wavefront can change direction. The simplest case is a discontinuous change in n(x) on a plane.

Chromatic aberration

n(x) is a weak function of wavelength



Rainbow on the CD

Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function

Rainbow in the air

Was anybody out, and looking up, on Friday night about midnight?




The Eikonal

Suppose we try the substitution: k \ dot x --> S(x)

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