cs781 - Colour for Computer Graphics - Winter 2012

Course Notes

Lecture 16 - Effects of Structure on Colour

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  1. Projects
  2. Last three lectures
  3. Talk on flicker hallucinations
    Dr. Bard Ermentrout (Computational Biology, University of Pittsburgh,)
    Flicker Hallucinations: Faraday waves in the brain
    3.30 p.m., Tuesday, 6 March
    MC 5158.

Surface Structure

Surface is not simple

Organized surface structure effects

  1. Jagged surface
  2. Parabolic surface facets pp. 147-150

Body Structure

Cell walls made of cellulose

Leaves that change colour by pigment motion

  1. green in the dark
  2. transparent after short exposure to light

Leaves with more than one pigment


Property of thin transmitting structures

Law of Refraction

Constructive interference in an iridescent blue leaf

It looks as though this is a side-effect of acquiring more red light

Constructive interference in a CD

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