cs781 - Colour for Computer Graphics - Winter 2012

Course Notes

Lecture 17 - Colour Devices: Subtractive Colour

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  1. Projects
  2. Tables of useful colour data

Subtractive Colour

Subtractive colour is defined accord to its mechanism of production. Two examples.

  1. Transmission (If you prefer mathematics that looks like mathematics see this.)
  2. Reflection

It's called subtractive colour

Characteristics of Subtractive Colour

Calibrating Subtractive Colour

Combined with additive mixture (e.g. half-tone printing) model-based calibration seems possible, but ...

  1. detailed models depend strongly on
  2. approximate models, such as

Laser Printers



Half-tone Printing

Laser Printer

process black versus separate black screen

Commercial Press

  1. Solid colour,
  2. Originally printed in solid colour,

    Reproduced in half-tone (Why?)

  3. B&W, half-tone colour
  4. Cloth in half-tone
  5. Compare to 3.

Continuous-tone Printing

Continuous tone is what you have with most additive devices


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