CS888 - Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics

Fall, 2006 - Visualization

Schedule of Meetings

Date Presenter Paper
19 September Bill Cowan How to give a presentation; overview of visualization
Edward Lank Interactive aspects of visualization
26 September Kevin Moule Customizing a fisheye view
Alex Kaladjian Cone Trees
3 October Martin Talbot Smith & Walker, Effects of auditory context cues and training on performance of a point estimation sonification task.
Paul Church Holmquist, L. E., Skog, T., Informative art: Information visualization in everyday environments.
10 October Jaime Ruiz Skog, T., et al., Between aesthetics and utility: Designing ambient information visualizations
NA School Council Meeting
11 October Ben Schneiderman Distinguished Lecture Series, "The Thrill of Discovery: Information Visualization for High Dimensional Spaces" 16.30, DC1302.
17 October Elodie Fourquet Larkin, J. and Simon, H.A., "Why a Diagram is (Sometimes) Worth Ten Thousand Words"
Vladimir Levin Dengler, E., Semantic Aspects of Graph Layout
24 October Jeff Dicker Wolfgang Muller and Heidrun Schumann, "Visualization Methods for Time-Dependent Data - An Overview,"
Amr El-Helw Colin Ware, Helen Purchase, Linda Colpoys, and Matthew McGill, "Cognitive Measurements of Graph Aesthetics"
31 October Yingbin Liu M. Q. Wang Baldonado, A. Woodruff, A. Kuchinsky, "Guidelines for Using Multiple Views in Information Visualization,"
Andrew Lauritzen Carpendale, M.S.T and Montagnese, Catherine, "A Framework for Unifying Presentation Space"
7 November Ed Chrzanowski G. Furnas and X. Zhang, "Illusions of Infinity: Feedback for Infinite Worlds"
Sophy Wang John Stasko and Eugene Zhang, "Focus+Context Display and Navigation Techniques for Enhancing Radial, Space-Filling Hierarchy Visualizations"
14 November Jie Xu Catherine Plaisant, "The challenge of information visualization evaluation"
NA School Council Meeting
21 November Elodie Fourquet Larkin, J. and Simon, H.A., "Why a Diagram is (Sometimes) Worth Ten Thousand Words"
Yi Lin Daniel Keim, "Information Visualization and Visual Data Mining"
28 November Jiwen Huo Anselm Spoerri, "InfoCrystal: a visual tool for information retrieval & management"
Christine Szentgyorgyi Robertson, George G. and Card, Stuart K. and Mackinlay, Jock D.", "Information Visualization Using 3D Interactive Animation"
5 December Curtis Luk Steve Benford, Ian Taylor, David Brailsford, Boriana Koleva, Mike Craven, Mike Fraser, Gail Reynard and Chris Greenhalgh, "Three dimensional visualization of the World Wide Web"
Ghulam Lashari James A. Jones, Mary Jean Harrold, John Stasko. Visualization of Test Information to Assist Fault Localization.
12 December Won't be necessary, I hope
NA School Council Meeting

All meetings are held in DC3313 at 14.30 on Tuesdays.

Note that on two days the meetings will end at 15.30 so that the faculty can attend School Council meetings.

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