Adjusting the Disparity of Stereoscopic 3D Media in Post Production

Lesley Northam, Paul Asente, Joe Istead, and Craig S. Kaplan

We present a method to adjust the disparity of stereoscopic 3D images (or video frames) in post.


The SIGGRAPH poster abstract can be found online at the ACM Digital Library (poster presented at SIGGRAPH 2013).


New left and right views are cropped from each merged disparity layer M(d). The regions cropped are of the form (startx, endx), and the height stays the same. The new left image is the pixels in the region ((d-f(d))/2,w+(d-f(d)/2)). And the new right image is the pixels in the region ((d+f(d))/2,(w+d+f(d))/2).
Also, the poster images are (2) 50% reduction in disparity and (3) 80% reduction in disparity.


A zip file containing several output MPO files can be downloaded here.
A PDF copy of the poster can be downloaded here.