On this page you can find software packages that are being developed by CGL members, sorted by projects. For additional information on any of the packages contact one of the developers.


A Matlab tutorial for learning Geometric Algebra. This tutorial is aimed at the sophomore college level, although it may provide a gentle introduction to anyone interested in the topic.

Coordinate Free Geometric Programming

Stephen Mann, Nathan Litke and Tony DeRose

Blossoming Software

Blossoming is a technique for analyzing polynomial functions. For a degree n, univariate polynomial F, there exists a unique blossom f such that In short, the blossom allows us to analyze polynomial functions by performing repeated affine combinations.This software is a C++ implementation of a an abstract data type to support blossoming. This software is the joint work of Stephen Mann and Wayne Liu. Any questions, etc, should be addressed to Stephen Mann.

Local Calibration Methods for Perception Research

These links contain sample code illustrating the technique described in:

E.S. Olds, W.B. Cowan, and P. Jolicoeur (in press), "Effective color CRT calibration techniques for perception research", Journal of the Optical Society of America A.

The paper describes a technique for efficiently and accurately producing a large number of colours on a CRT monitor, for use in psychophysics experiments. The technique is particularly applicable when, as in many threshold experiments, the experimenter needs to use many colours in a limited region of colour space. Please see the paper for a more thorough description and discussion of the technique.