CGL Computer Graphics Lab

A list outlining the purpose and handling of the various files associated with the running of the CGL meetings.

  1. Creating the agenda for the next meeting:
    Choose one of the following methods:
  2. Ask the person that is supposed to be tech presenter for an abstract. (this also serves as a reminder to him/her) Give them enough warning - anything less than 48 hours is probably not enough as the presenter may want to prepare overheads, et c. Include the abstract in the agenda.

    Potential topics include people's thesis or essay work, summaries of Siggraph tutorial sessions, recent lab work or maybe even a presentation by any special guest that might happen to be around.

  3. Cron will automatically post a request for agenda items to the cgl newsgroup on the Monday of the meeting week, requesting that people mail potential agenda items to `chair'. These items wind up automatically in the file:
    This file can be examined using Mail by the command:
    mail -f /p/cgl/meetings/notestochair
    Extract relevant items from that file - but don't remove the file or else the mail aliasing stuff won't route items to this file.

    Prepare the agenda and post it to news group uw.cgl about Wednesday morning.

  4. The day of the meeting:
    • Finalize agenda and print two copies (see Executive Summary)
    • Print attendance list
  5. Actually attend the meeting.
    • IF the meeting is being held in the Graphics Lab THEN
    • Circulate an attendance list
    • Get a volunteer for the weekly coffee hour session.
    • Take minutes. The person giving the technical presentation is responsible for generating his/her own abstract for the agenda and minutes; you don't have to take notes.
    • If the meeting is being held in DC 1304 or 1302, get the key from ICR, DC 1340.
  6. If you don't use the web form to create the agenda, copy the agenda (Coming.html and Coming.txt) to a datename file
    (eg. cp Coming.html 97.01.08.html)
    (eg. cp Coming.txt 97.01.08.txt)
  7. Create minutes for the meeting with one of two methods:
    • Click here for the minutes form.
    • Copy the agenda from the /agenda/htmldirectory to the /minutes/htmldirectory and add the minutes of the meeting (see a previous meeting for a sample).
  8. Update meetings/members list-- Don't add guests to the list.
  9. Be sure to remind next week's chairpersonthat s/he is on deck.

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